The X200 series, sometimes just called “Sandwich” due to it’s many layers of birch plywood, can fulfill almost every need in your home or officespace.

The simple, yet very sturdy design invites you to be creative as we can make it in the measurements of your need. Use it as a bench, coffee table, writing desk, console, high table, dining table, etc. Edges are available in oak and walnut. (special requests for edges are welcome)

Because of it’s 4,5 cm thickness, the X200 requires no crossbar underneath and the beautiful silhouette of the X200 is kept intact.

When you have found your own X200 measurements, then – and just then – our skilled carpenters will make it for you in our workshop in Præstø, Denmark. In that way, we ensure that we only consume the natural resources required, and that you have achieved basis of a longlasting piece of Danish carpentry.



The options

Lenght: custom (max: 250cm)

Debth: custom (max: 120cm)

Height: custom (max: 130cm)

Colors and wood structure can vary from the pictures

Treatment Options
  • Oil

  • White Oil

  • Soap

  • Black Oil

  • Mocca

Edge Options
  • Oak

  • Walnut


Be inspired