SLY low

SLY is a small classic sideboard. Timeless and retro at the same time, the SLY sideboard embraces many different looks.

Through our 3D-configurator, you can create SLY so it will match exactly the look you need. SLY is born as a classic sideboard, yet it is often used under the TV. (we make holes for AV cords on demand – at no extra cost)

When you have found your own SLY combination, then – and just then – our skilled carpenters will make it for you in our workshop in Præstø, Denmark. In that way, we ensure that we only consume the natural resources required, and that you have achieved basis of a longlasting piece of Danish carpentry.

Design by Troels Hyldtoft Michelsen


The options

Size: 100x35cm

Height: 53cm

Colors and wood structure can vary from the pictures

cabinet options
  • Oak oil

  • Oak white oil

  • Oak soap

  • Oak smoked

Door Options
  • Light blue

  • Antracite

  • Turquise

  • Pistaccio

  • Lime

  • Yellow

  • Light red

  • Brown

  • Grey

  • Light grey

  • White

  • Black

  • Mustard

  • Blue

  • Orange


Be creative and make your own ‘SLY low’ by clicking the different options below


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